Management companies

Some developments require on going management and maintenance of shared or communal facilities

If your new home is on a Bovis Homes development where shared or communal facilities are included, on going management and maintenance of these facilities will be required.

This may apply to developments that include apartments with shared areas and services and also to homes with communal parking bays or courtyards. Management and maintenance arrangements are usually required if your home is leasehold, as these properties often have some communal areas.

Examples of these shared areas, or services are:

  • Communal grounds, gardens or play areas
  • Cleaning services, for windows, shared hallways
  • Communal heating, lighting and air conditioning
  • Private roadways, communal drives, parking and garaging
  • Lifts
  • Storage areas
  • Private drainage services
  • Security features such as electric gates, or video monitoring

To deal with these issues we appoint a managing company. This company is a specialist firm experienced in managing residential developments and fully conversant with all the current legislation that govern them.

The agent is responsible for all the maintenance obligations set out in the property leases and transfers and acts on behalf of the residents. Also, in most cases the management company will be responsible for collection of the appropriate management fees, and/or ground rent.

An agent’s responsibilities can include:

  • Enforcing covenants where appropriate
  • Holding service charge contributions in secure, designated trust accounts
  • Arranging for certified annual accounts to be circulated after each service year charge

If you are unhappy with any of the services being provided at any time, you should call the managing agent and they will deal with the problem for you. The appointment of an agent means residents are free to enjoy their new homes, reassured and with peace of mind that all communal issues are being dealt with professionally.